The Campaign for Douglass


Douglass students step out into a world of almost limitless potential. You have made certain they have the skills they need by investing in Douglass' ability to create and deliver transformative programs.

Thanks to your support of Innovative Education, Women's Leadership: The Campaign for Douglass, the AADC and Douglass Residential College exceeded the goal by raising $41.8 million, which honors our history, embraces where we are today and proclaims our bold vision for the future.

Together, we secured the "Douglass Difference" and ensured tomorrow's women leaders will have the best possible educational and intellectual experience.

Message from the Campaign Co-Chairs

Joyce Kovatch Albers-SchonbergAlice Herman

Joyce Kovatch Albers-Schonberg '65 and Alice Herman '70
Campaign Co-Chairs, The Campaign for Douglass

Thank you! By supporting this campaign and investing in Douglass, you’ve helped ensure Douglass maintains its ahead-of-the-curve approach to learning and leading. Thanks to your incredible generosity, Douglass will continue to provide this preparation to the next generation of smart, capable young women.

Valerie Anderson

Valerie L. Anderson '81, MBA, Executive Director Associate Alumnae of Douglass College (AADC)

Educating, engaging, empowering: that's the mantra of today's AADC, and one you helped strengthen through the campaign. Your support of Innovative Education, Women's Leadership: The Campaign for Douglass has now secured a dynamic and vibrant undergraduate experience for the next generation of Douglass women.

This campaign leaves a strong legacy for the AADC, with a new strategic plan underway and increased regional connecting groups. It also leaves us well positioned to celebrate Douglass’ upcoming 100th anniversary.

Campaign Leadership

Campaign Leadership Committee

  • Joyce Kovatch Albers-Schonberg '65,
    Campaign Co-Chair
  • Alice Herman '70,
    Campaign Co-Chair
  • Valerie L. Anderson '81,
    Executive Director, Associate Alumnae of Douglass College
  • Jeanne M. Fox '75,
    President, AADC Board of Directors
  • Tina B. Gordon '72,
    Immediate Past President, AADC Board of Directors
  • Denise Busby '76,
    Vice President for Development, AADC Board of Directors
  • Jacquelyn Litt, Ph.D.,
    Douglass Dean

Communications Committee

  • Amy Guiney Adams '99
    Vice President for Communications, AADC Board of Directors
  • Candice E. Batts '02
  • Catherine C. Cavender '79
  • Tina B. Gordon '72
  • Rachel Ingber '83
  • Katherine Li '14
  • Jenny Binaghi Lichtenwalner '02
  • Christina L. Pagano '69

Campaign Major Gifts Committee

  • Joyce Kovatch Albers-Schonberg, '65,
  • Alice Herman '70,
  • Barbara Little Britt '65
  • Flora Buchbinder Cowen '59
  • Marianne Ficarra '88
  • Tina B. Gordon '72
  • Sheila Kelly Hampton '70
  • Gail Philips Houlihan '58
  • Carol Thomas Nied '64

Message from the Dean

Jacquelyn Litt, Ph.D.

Jacquelyn Litt, Ph.D., Dean of Douglass Residential College, award-winning sociologist,
Professor in the Departments of Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies

Women's education has never been more important. I say this as a professional who has spent her career working in issues of gender equity, principally in advancing practices that promote that equity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and in globalizing undergraduate education.

We are at a critical juncture of rapid social and economic change. Thanks to your support of this campaign, Douglass Residential College students will be prepared. Your generosity has strengthened women's education and ensured Douglass students can achieve today and for years to come.